Halls Booking

Hall bookings can be made for the following halls,
1. CLT
2. HSB 133
3. OAT
4. SAC (Full)
5. SAC (Gallery with it's own stage called Middle-Earth)
6. SAC ( Bowl area with stage only)
7. SAC ( Bowl area only)
8. SAC (Stage only)
9. SAC (Foyer)
10.SAC (Lawn)
11.Aerobics Hall (New Sports complex 2nd floor)
12.Yoga Hall (New Sports complex 3rd floor)
13.Pre-Placement hall
14.OHM Conference room 
15.Himalaya Lawns
16.SAC-VIP Room
17.Quark First Floor

Steps to book a hall,

  •   Click here to login
  •   Check the calender for the availability of the halls on specific dates
  •   Click "Add new request" and fill in the form and submit
  •   You will receive an email upon submitting this form with regard to further action to be taken for confirmation
  •   Meanwhile the status of your record can be tracked from your Hall-booking dashboard.
  •   The Hall requests will be approved next working day before forenoon.


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