Independent Student Bodies


1.      Name of the Student Body: ENACTUS, IIT MADRAS

Registration No: 01/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Arun Kumar G

Dept. of DOMS


Name of the Student Body: Anwesha Pathi

Mobile No. +91 9444785186


2.      Name of the Student Body: VANDE MATARAM

Registration No: 02/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rama S Verma

Dept. of Biotechnology


Name of the Student Body: ANKUSH KUMAR MISHRA 

Mobile No. +91 8906368614


3.      Name of the Student Body : Students Association for Development of India North Eastern Region ( SAPINER)

Registration No: 03/2018

Faculty Advisor

Dr. John Bosco lourdusamy


Dept. of  HSS

044- 22574511

Name of the Student Body: Ningthou Oinam

Mobile No. +91 9500186892


4.      Name of the Student Body : Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle 
Registration No: 04/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tarun K. Chandrayadula

Dept. of  OE

044- 22574808

Name of the Student Body: Arjun Jayakumar

Mobile No. +91 9447720676


5.      Name of the Student Body : CHINTABAR
Registration No: 05/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Binitha V Thampi

Dept. of  HSS

044- 22574528

Name of the Student Body: Sai Chanadan Kutu

Mobile No. +91 7032662519

6.      Name of the Student Body: SAMSKRUTA SAMITI

Registration No: 06/2018

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Lakshmana Rao C

Dept. of AM


Name of the Student Body: Samskruta Samiti

Mobile No. +91 9494863850


 7.      Name of the Student Body : 180 Degree Consutting

Registration No: 07/2019

Faculty Advisor

 Lata Dyaram


Dept. of  MS

044- 22574567

Name of the Student Body: Abhijit S Gupta

Mobile No. +91 9950439339


 8.      Name of the Student Body: Hindi Mitra Mandal

Registration No: 08/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Mahaveer kumar Jain

Dept. of  PH

044- 22574880

Name of the Student Body: Hari Shankar Taparia

Mobile No. +91 9461121654


9.      Name of the Student Body: STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY

Registration No: 09/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Avishek Parui

Dept. of  HSS

044- 22574535

Name of the Student Body: Akash Kumar

Mobile No. +91 8428317499



 10.      Name of the Student Body : JIGNYASA

Registration No: 10/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kaushik Mitra

Dept. of  EE

044- 22574411 

Name of the Student Body: Ankit Raut

Mobile No. +91 7871426067


11.      Name of the Student Body : IAARC@IITM

Registration No: 11/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Koshy Varghese

Dept. of  CE

044- 22574257 

Name of the Student Body: Varun Kumar Reja

Mobile No. +91 8714402140


12.      Name of the Student Body : Karka Kasadara

Registration No: 11/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sudharsan P

Dept. of  HSS

044- 22574256

Name of the Student Body: Elanchearan

Mobile No. +91 9444204400


13. Name of the Student Body: Muslim Students Association  

Registration No: 11/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Md Mahiuddin Baidya

Dept. of  CY

044- 22574200

Name of the Student Body:  Azneb Abdul Salam

Mobile No. +91 9447727129


14. Name of the Student Body: AACEI

Registration No: 11/2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sivkumar Palniappan

Dept. of  CE

044- 22578114

Name of the Student Body:  S. Purushothaman Srinath

Mobile No. +91 9940721036




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