Leisure Time Activities Program (L-TAP)

v  Semesterly program (13 week programme)

v  L-TAP Co-ordinator will send an email to the Executive wing about the list of courses offered to the students till then and enquiring the same if any new courses should be included in the current academic year.

v  Approval from the Committee about the list of courses that will be offered. 

v  An email should be sent to the Course Instructors about the starting date of the L-TAP Program, their willingness and availability to teach for the coming semester at least one month prior to the start of the program.

v  Approval from the Dean Students about the starting date of the L-TAP courses, L-TAP schedule, etc.,

v  Halls will be Booked for the L-TAP courses through DoSt office, update the L-TAP Timetable in the www.iitmstact.org website and Update the ikollege portal.

v  Send an email to the students about the L-TAP program and the registration procedure of the courses.

v  Students will be given at least 10 days to register for the courses.

v  Confirm the status of the registrations in the ikollege portal.

v  Acknowledge all the registrations through online SBI and update the registrations accordingly in the Google sheets.

v  List of the registered students for each course can be downloaded from the ikollege portal.

v  Registered students list of each course will be shared with the respective L-TAP course instructor through Google sheets before the first class so that attendance can be recorded by the instructor.

v  The registered students list will be forwarded to the CCW/OHM office for fee deduction from the students’ Mess accounts.

v  Fee deducted from the student’s Mess Account by the Hostel Management Office will be transferred to STACT or students can pay through Online SBI directly to STACT. 

v  L-TAP Coordinator emails the instructors about the number of certificates required for their L-TAP course well ahead of time, giving the instructors at least 10 days’ time to revert back.

v  L-TAP Coordinator will order for printing of the new certificates based on the count given by the instructors.

v  Instructors have to send the approximate certified students list, so that the L-TAP co-ordinator and the Dean Students can sign the certificates of each course.

v  Certificates and the Honorarium invoice form will be given to the instructors in the last but one class through the caretakers of the Halls so that they can issue the certificates in the last two classes of that semester.

v  L-TAP certificates will be issued to the students who have successfully completed the L-TAP course(s), through the instructor(s) in the last class of the semester.

v  Course instructor has to submit the attendance highlighting certified students, remaining unused certificates and the Honorarium invoice form filled and duly signed after the last class so that the L-TAP office/STACT can process the payment.

v  Funds received from the CCW and the online fees payment of the students will be used to pay the Course Instructors, Hall Booking charges if any, PA Systems of the Classrooms blocked through Academic Section, Certificates printing, etc.

v  No instructor for Braille (Assist. Prof. Hemachandran Karah, Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences.





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