Mess Registration

Dear Hostel residents,

       You can register your preference for messes in the following portal: This portal is open from: 29th September 2016, 11.00 hrs to 5th October 2016, 23.00 hrs. Period of messing from: 15th October 2016 to 25th November 2016. The preferences registered last month and any time prior to 29th September 11am will be erased and you need to freshly register your preferences.  Students who are facing technical problems in login may please fill the form by selecting the link given in the homepage.

Please Note:

  • Only after filling in the mess feedback form and updating your personal details, you will be able to do mess registration.
  • If you want to change your name, Hostel Name, Room number etc,. Please submit your concern in link Help Desk
  • The residents of Sarayu, Sharavati, Sharavati Ext. (Tunga) and Sabarmati hostels MUST choose one of the options
  • I prefer Vindhya / Mandakini only (or) I prefer Himalaya and Vindhya / Mandakini
  • If they choose “I prefer Vindhya / Mandakini only” then they must choose any 3 options out of 4.
  • And if they choose “I prefer Himalaya and Vindhya / Mandakini” then they must choose any 10 options out of 12 messes listed in the preference for messes in the portal.
  • The male residents MUST give their preferences for a minimum of 8 out of 10 messes listed in the preference for messes in the portal.
  • All the unregistered residents, both male and female, will be allocated to the messes that have vacancies and in this regard the decision of the Hostel Mess Allocation committee is final. No change of mess after allocation is entertained. The allotment of girl students to Himalaya messes will be subject to availability.
Those who wish to dine in groups will have to do the following:

(a) There will be an option to create a unique group name.  Please make sure the members of your group know the group name (for example, if you type the group name as 'abc1' then make sure your group members know that this is the group name). Whoever creates the group name is the leader of the group and the preferences given by that leader only will be used for allocation. If you are already a leader of a group, you cannot join another group or you cannot come out of the group.

(b) There will be an option for joining a group as member. You will be asked to type the group name that you wish to join.  One student can join in only one group. The members can opt out of the group if they wish; they can also join another group or register as individual at any time before the dead line for registration.

(c) A group can have a maximum of 8 members only.  When the number in the group exceeds 8, there will be a flag shown alerting that you cannot join that group.

(d) Each group will get only one chance in the random pick.

Reach us
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Office of the Dean (Students), Chennai - 600036, Tamil Nadu
+91 44 2257 8051
Prof. Sathyanarayana N Gummadi
(+91) 44 2257 8050