Semester Exam Tips

Hi friends,

Good luck with end semester exams. Make sure you stay healthy. 

Some tips while you are preparing for and writing the exams:

(1) Take healthy, cooked food and in time.

(2) Some dip in temperature in the nights and humid. Catching common cold and fever is generally common unless you make sure you take appropriate precautions.  It seems our immunity goes down when in tension.  Go to the hospital if you feel under the weather. 

(3) Relax yourself when needed with recreational activities that you are normally involve in - preferably, something that works your muscles!   Just a short stroll would do wonders.

(4) Don't discuss grades, marks and matters that may disturb you including heated arguments.

(5) Staying awake long hours and filling ourselves with caffeine is a problem and not a solution.  It is important to feel fresh while writing the exam.

(6) Remember the mistakes that you did and the blocks you had during problem-solving.  These usually revisit.  Therefore, review the problems and make sure you have cleared those areas in which you had trouble earlier.  Do this well in advance than at the last moment.

(7) If you do group study, make sure you are in the right group.  Pair up with students at your level when doing group study - mugging with higher level students may shake your confidence and lower level may sap your energy!

(8) Do not discuss the exams you have completed with friends. I know it is difficult to stay away from that temptation.  But, it rather helps to prepare for the next.  Past cannot be rewritten but future is in our hands!

(9) Don't cram.  Make sure you pace the preparations in such a way that you don't suffocated at the end.  When you feel suffocated, focus on only the basic stuff that you have to know and that you are strong in rather than everything!  Assess your current state of knowledge in the subject.

(10) Make sure you revise those concepts that you are strong in.  It is better to think of cashing on these strengths than trying to focusing on correcting weakness at the eleventh hour.

(11) Make sure you try some mock tests or previous exams by yourself or in the group study. 

(12) If you don't know something, don't try and understand in the last minute.  Your confidence will take huge dip.  Look at things that you have prepared well for.

Stay relaxed! :-)

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